Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti. | Street Food Festival – Zurich |

Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti. | Street Food Festival – Zurich |


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Hi loves and fellow foodies

I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months but I’m ready for my revival.

It has been a beautiful past weekend in Zurich with lovely people and a weather so perfect you could almost think we’re somewhere more south. There is a thing about this city I live in. It happens not to be my favorite city in the world, to express it mildly. But Zurich gets very wonderful in summer (that’s those 7 days a year when the sun is shining) and this weekend was especially astonishing since we celebrated the 3rd Street Food Festival and the weather couldn’t have been better for this event.

With over 100 food stands it was a true rah-rah rally but also bittersweet. Imagine yourself standing there, amidst this crowd, trying to decide what to eat when all you really wanna do is stick your face in everything you see.

But I pulled myself together and went for a “Surf & Turf Burger” and decided to rather turf than surf.  Call me a wimp but I didn’t wanna take the risk and have seafood at a Street Food Festival, therefore I feel super healthy now so thanks to my sanity.

The burger went amazing with some “Dutch Fries” from another stand and we finished the night with some “Churros”.

This festival is some piece of news in this sometimes gloomy city and I can’t wait for the next one!

Have a beautiful day.




Hi beach babes

Let’s get back to fashion for a second. I’ve discovered this brand months ago but still haven’t gotten a chance to write about it. But since this will be my new summer do I need to show it to you because it’s great! MINIMALE ANIMALE is a bikini brand by the amazingly talented Cassandra Kellogg and whereelse would she be from but CALIFORNIA! This girl is a vision. She really makes me excited to go work out for summer because those bikinis require one hell of a beach bod. Her Bikinis and Monikinis are definitely a show-off.

You can get her pieces on http://www.minimale-animale.com/shop or

And hurry up, some of them are on SALE!




306_wht_front_big 308_blk_front_big
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Photo cred.: revolveclothing.com and minimale-animale.com

Spotlight: House of Holland – Cagefighters

In love with these amazing “HOUSE OF HOLLAND” Shades! They even spice up a simple outfit. Available for £180.00 in black, purple and gold.

DSC01076Sunglasses: House of Holland (Black)
Shirt and Skirt: Zara

Boots: Steve Madden


Beyoncé in House of Holland

Rihanna House of HOllandRihanna in House of Holland

The very talented face behind “House of Holland” is Henry Holland.  He’s an english fashion designer from Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester. Henry Holland gained a lot of attention with his  T-Shirts that showed phrases such as, “I’ll tell you who’s boss, Kate Moss” in 2000. Henry Holland designed a full collection and founded his own fashion house in 2008. He graduated from “London College of Communication” (by the way, that’s what I study as well, Communication 🙂 ). Not only do I love his sunglasses, he also designs the most amazing and popular hosiery, for example the famous “Suspender Tights”. His edgy and creative designs will surely keep catching peoples eyes.

New York Fashion Week 2013 – Part 1

First of all, No, I wasn’t at New York Fashion Week but I was IN New York at that time and who knows, maybe I will get an invitation to a show one day -> You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

Not being there doesn’t stop me from blogging about all the fabulous fashion that was presented that week.

In Part 1 I’ll show you my favourite looks from “Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2014” – Why not start with the best?

00330h_fashionshow_article_portrait 00350h_fashionshow_article_portrait 00160h_fashionshow_article_portrait 00370h_fashionshow_article_portrait 00240h_fashionshow_article_portraitPhoto courtesy of vogue.de

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